Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive dental treatment used to change the colour of natural tooth enamel and is a great way to enhance the beauty of your smile. It is the fastest and most convenient way to give your smile a bright and healthy appearance.
Reasons for Whitening
Fluorosis (excessive fluoridation during tooth development)
Stained teeth due to medications (tetracycline, etc.)
Yellow, brown stained teeth
Teeth Whitening Process
Teeth whitening usually requires two visits to the dental office. Impressions are made of your teeth during the first appointment and then fabricated into custom, clear plastic trays. At the next appointment, the trays will be fitted and any necessary adjustments will be made.
The trays are worn at home with a special whitening solution either twice a day for 30 minutes or overnight for a couple of weeks depending on the level of staining and desired shade.

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